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Get inspiration, be supported by our community, be more confident, happy, attract money and learn – all in one place.
and have a more fulfilling life with the help of SUPERCONSCIOUS SELF-COACHING™. It's easy, life changing, fast, comfortable, and most of all understandable.
Unhappiness, money problems, obesity, low self-esteem, stress, fear, anger, headaches...
Of damaging life patterns, negative behaviours and deep emotional blocks without wasting precious time or money. SUPERCONSCIOUS SELF-COACHING™ will quickly free you of all limiting programmes.
Join our SuperConscious Community of like-minded women and men to feel connected.

SuperConscious Self-Coaching™

SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ is a unique chart based coaching system that helps to identify limiting beliefs and fear-based feelings in order to transform them into supporting love-based patterns.

superconscious self-coaching™

superconscious self-coaching™

SSC (SuperConscious Self-Coaching) is a unique coaching system that is written and created by Erika László for highly conscious people who are determined to change


Want a session? Read about SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ and book a session with one of our SuperConscious Mentors NOW!


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become a member

Want to join our SCC Community? Please read the requirements, and we are looking forward to welcome you among our members.

5 Tips For Creating Change In 2017
The New Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster started on 28th January. How can you make this year better?
Who is talking in your head?
How to Easily Differentiate your Intuition (SuperConscious aspect) “Talking” from Your Ego Aspect?

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