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Instantly with SUPERCONSCIOUS SELF-COACHING™®©. Help others, create more money and be in a community.
Feel lighter and relieved instantly with the help of SUPERCONSCIOUS SELF-COACHING™®©. It's easy, life-changing, and super fast.
Others, create a new life path, eliminate the fear and past traumas with the proprietary method, SuperConscious Self-Coaching®™© that instantly changes lives forever!
To our SuperConscious Community of like-minded women and men to feel connected and supported.

SuperConscious Self-Coaching™

♥︎ Integral ♥︎ Intuitive ♥︎ Coaching ♥︎ System ♥︎ Higher Awareness ♥︎ Quick Transformation

superconscious self-coaching™ - ssc

superconscious self-coaching™ - ssc

♥︎ Help others with an intuitive coaching system ♥︎ SuperConscious Self-Coaching can be a real GOLD MINE for you! ♥︎ Restart your life with SuperConscious Self-Coaching!


♥︎ Book a session with one of our SuperConscious Mentors NOW!


Stand out from the crowd ♥︎ Learn, grow and build a career with us ♥︎ Join our quickly growing International SuperConscious Community ♥︎ Show your professionalism with belonging to us as a valued Member
conscious money creation™ - cmc

conscious money creation™ - cmc

♥︎ 7 Money Traps ♥︎ 7 Money Fears ♥︎ Change your relationship with money

An Amazing Year

An Amazing Year

December 16.
CMC class in Budapest, Hungary
Great class with great people
SCC class in Hong Kong in October 2015
Thank you Angela for organizing and for Millicent for translating!

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