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You do not have access to (these) closed materials.

members only


If you are a registered User of our website you need to upgrade and be a Member with paying the Membership fee in order to reach the closed area. You can pay the Membership fee in the webshop.

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On top of the public part of our website (www.scc.world), available without any restriction, SZUPERC Limited provides a restricted area for its members.

Access – via a login and password- can be given to anyone who has paid the License/Membership fee and/or has taken a class in the SuperConscious Community. Membership titles are tied to taking certain classes.


You find the following in the restricted area:


Chakra Card booklet

Written materials


Logo (only for Mentors and Instructors who pay the License fee)



The written materials in the restricted area of the website are only available in English and Hungarian (some in Romanian and Chinese Traditional) at the moment. It depends on your achieved title (rank) what you can reach in the closed area.


You can register and pay for your membership directly in the webshop.


We would be happy to welcome you among our members!


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The SuperConscious Team


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