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faq superconscious self-coaching

SSC (SuperConscious Self-Coaching) is a unique coaching system that is written and created by Erika László for highly conscious and intuitive people who are determined to change

faq superconscious self-coaching



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Can I learn SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ although I have always had difficulties with learning?

You don't need to 'learn' it; it is a simple method that can be used in an easy way. The chart set is created in a way that it leads you through, even if you don't know what to ask. It's a simple way of transforming the fear-based into love-based.


Does SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ interfere with my religion or faith?

No, it does not. SuperConscious Self-Coaching is just a system that helps to understand your ongoing issues, feelings and with consciously choosing a supporting, love-based alternative you can solve them. Since your perspective changes and there is a real transformation going on in you as a consequence everything else changes in your life too.

At their core, every religion and spiritual path are about to live in love, acceptance, compassion, and oneness and to dissolve the ego that is about fear and negative patterns.

And this is the purpose of SuperConscious Self-Coaching, to transform all fear-based into love-based. So, SSC will strengthen your faith as you change your fear-based feelings because when you are in fear, it means you don't have faith.


I feel all right, and I am a positive person. Can SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ be any use to me?

Yes, it can, in our opinion, SuperConscious Self-Coaching can help everyone, even if you are so lucky that you don’t have any serious issues. SSC is a system, or in other words your Life Manual. You can use it for finding a better-paid job, to be more successful in your business or on the stock market, you can transform negative patterns of your childhood, etc. You can see it as a tool that helps you to achieve your goals. How you use SSC and what for is entirely up to you.


I am a coach. Can it help me with my clients?

Yes, it can. It can easily show to your client what sort of beliefs don't let them progress. Coaches use it with great success and clients are always amazed by the accuracy of the system as well as the efficiency of the DEMERT Method™ an easy writing exercise that changes limiting beliefs in minutes.

It can also help you to transform your negative feelings and as a result avoid the stress-related illnesses usually experienced by many practitioners in the field of coaching, psychotherapy, psychology, kinesiology and other alternative methods.


Does using SSC mean that I will not have any problems in my life anymore?

No, it is not to say that. Life can be seen as a continuous change process. As such it will always bring you new challenges, situations and people who sometimes seem difficult to handle.

However if you use SSC all your issues will be gone sooner, will be solved quicker and easier without the usual negativity we put into these situations unconsciously. With SSC you gain more awareness of your negative patterns and feelings. The more you transform them, the less you will re-programme them, resulting in a higher awareness of life generally and as a consequence a more balanced and harmonious life.


I'd like to learn it, but I am afraid what if I don't do it right. Can I cause any harm by using it?

No, you cannot do anything wrong with it. SSC is a tool and based on love and with love you cannot do wrong to anyone. There are no strict rules on how to use it; it is very easy to use and understand.


I don't believe it can work for me. What do you say?

It's ok that you feel sceptic about it and as belief systems literally create our reality first you may want to change your belief system. That can be done by using the DEMERT Method™ a proven writing technique that helps to change any limiting and controlling, therefore, blocking views.

You can also imagine the transformation of energies (feelings) as shifting your focus. Whatever is in your focus you will see and notice that. So by shifting the focus, you will experience and see something different than before.

According to recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience, many things what we learned (and therefore believed) turned out to be false. It is now proven that beliefs (our inside programming, patterns, feelings, thoughts) create our reality.


Quantum physics also proves that anything we pay attention to is changed immediately.


That is how the feelings (energies) are transformed in the energy or quantum field too. We modify the direction of focus and, we do pay attention to love-based feelings, and therefore the shift happens immediately.

This invisible transformation or change can usually be felt in our body. Likewise, we feel the difference between being sad and then happy.


How is this system different from other techniques?

SSC is a unique coaching method there is nothing similar to this. It focuses on the present and the solution instead of focusing on the problem and the past.

It is love-based and has a unique technique the DEMERT Method™ that is used for changing limiting beliefs. It helps to gain more awareness so we can do it differently in the future. It is a self-coaching, a self-help method in a practical and easily understandable format.


Will SSC cure my illness?

A lot of people asks this question in different ways. Will it cure learning difficulties, serious illnesses, cancer, autism, gynaecological problems, impotence, to be able to have a child, heart and other organ related issues, high blood pressure, allergies and so on you name it the list can go on.

It is important to clarify that SSC is NOT a cure but a self-help and a self-investigating method that quickly shows and with that raises awareness of deep (and most of the time suppressed) feelings, thought patterns, and beliefs. Suppressed feelings don't go away they cause an imbalance in the body in the long run.

People who use SSC have good experiences with their overall well-being. As the deeply suppressed feelings, stress ‘disappear’ or better say transformed, shifted that's how body symptoms can be transformed too.


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