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history of ssc

The history of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ the unique coaching tool and the history of its Creator, Erika Laszlo

history of ssc


The very starting point...

and the original idea of developing her method to help people to identify their issues easily and to change their negative feelings formed in 2011 after Erika Laszlo, the Creator of the method when she had heard “you can create your method” many times from her students. At that time she has been teaching SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) the method of Spiritual Response Association.


But how Erika got into Spiritual Response Therapy and teaching?

When her son was five years old, he was diagnosed with lactose allergy. She didn’t want to accept that her son would never be able to eat chocolate in his life and that there was no cure for this at the beginning of the 21st century.

So she has started to look for different alternative therapies, and she has tried and learned some of them.

When a good friend of her told her to go to a “pendulum class” in 2003 she never thought that learning SRT would change her life totally. For more than 13 years she had been financial director and board member of a small private Hungarian school and she said goodbye to the school in 2005 and chose to work full-time with clients doing SRT.

At that time she also began to teach Conscious Communication training, written and made by her.

After learning and practising Spiritual Response Therapy in Hungary, she has decided to learn even more about it in abroad.


Erika has translated and later edited...

the curriculum and newsletter materials as well as the Dictionary of the Terms for the SRA (Spiritual Response Association). She has organised SRA classes in Hungary and eventually she has become a Member of the Board and then Vice President of the SRA as well as an international Master Teacher representing the Spiritual Response Association and Spiritual Response Therapy worldwide.


She has met Robert E. Detzler and his wife, Mary Ann Detzler...

founders of Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Response Association.



In her client practise...

she has learned a lot about people, their concerns and struggles. Before starting consultations and teaching Spiritual Response Therapy she has learned about communication, the Gordon Modell, (communication model of Thomas Gordon), assertive communication and active listening and other alternative therapies as well as positive psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis. She was certified as a Solution-based Coach in 2009.


Knowing the difficulties her students had...

when learning and using the SRT system she wanted to create something that is easy to learn, easy to use and is understandable for everyone and at the same time free from spiritual concepts and difficult terms.


She started to make her very first charts...

in 2011 and compiled the knowledge she has learned throughout the years. That's how she made a very comprehensive system however it was just the beginning.

She had her very first pilot class in December 2012 in Budapest (with about 25 charts). At that time she was still serving as Vice President of the SRA.


Class in 2012 was called: “Dowsing Class for... (version 1.0)

Raising Consciousness" and surprisingly more men took the class than women.The class was very well received by men bankers, and this showed Erika that her work is worth to continue. 


Charts had a simpler design but...

the core knowledge and all of the important charts were already existed in the very first version. (Like: Universal Laws, Fear-based and Love-based Feelings, Human Needs and Needs Statements etc.)


She has first taught the new (version 2.0) class...

called SuperConscious Communication™ with a modern design in December 2014 in Hungary with great success. Before that, she wrote the whole new curriculum in her friend’s quiet house (thanks to Gabriella Divine!) in Cyprus in October 2014.



She has resigned from the SRA Board...

from her position of Vice President when Robert E. Detzler, the founder passed away and later from all other positions and SRT teachings in 2015. She wanted to concentrate all her energies on her new method based on the 2012 dowsing class, called SuperConscious Communication™ (the previous version of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™).


As life changes so fast...

that’s how everything has changed in the new system too. With many ongoing development and change Erika re-written, made the charts re-designed to an even more whole version that represents the continuous change in life and has an effect on the body energy centers and renamed it to SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ in February 2016.


SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ (version 3.0) is...

spreading out to the world, and just in 2016 it has reached out to Hungary, Romania, Hong Kong, China, the United Kingdom, Greece and Germany. The SuperConscious Community has already 5 Instructors and more than 80 members in 2016.



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