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the creators

the creators

SuperConsCious World® - SCCW (and its umbrella organisation, SzuperC Limited) and were established by Erika László and her husband Sándor Csata from Budapest, Hungary.


Before founding SuperConscious World and creating her SuperConscious Self-Coaching system,  Erika served on the Board of the Spiritual Response Association, (Washington, USA) and taught several SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy, Intensive and Master) classes all over the world within that organisation as an international certified master teacher.


Erika has changed the lives of thousands of clients and students from 25 countries and 5 continents.


Time has come to leave the SRA in the spring of 2015 and to change and focus her energy to spread her system, methods and workshops to build a SuperConsCious World® community with the help of his husband. 


Sandor is an economist with great leading skills. He has worked in the multinational company world and led big companies like Minolta and Xerox as CEO.


They have brought together their unique combination of skills under one organisation in order to bring further self-awareness and spread superconsciousness to the world. Erika creates the workshops, further develops her SuperConscious Self-Coaching chart-set teaches and leads the instructor team while Sandor is the company CEO, Finance and IT director. 


Their company is registered in Hong Kong and its identity - name, brands and logo - are all protected by trademark licence granted by the Madrid Protocol; it also holds similar trademark protection under Hong Kong/Chinese licence and in other countries.


© 2022 SZUPERC LIMITED - All rights reserved.

SZUPERC's identity – logo, name, brands and methods –

- SuperConscious Creation®, SuperConscious World®, Intuyching™© (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™©), Conscious Money Creation™© (CMC), TUDKO Communication™©, DEMERT Method™©, Numeropathy™©, Intuytor™© - 

are trademarks and/or registered trademarks in the European Union and in WIPO countries protected internationally by the Madrid Protocol (WIPO's Madrid System).



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