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5 Tips For Creating Change In 2017

Erika László · General News · 2017. February 01.

The New Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster started on 28th January. How can you make this year better?

5 Tips For Creating Change In 2017

The exact date of the Chinese New Year always changes as it depends and always begins on a New Moon.

It is celebrated for a whole month, not just one day like in Western culture.


Celebration period begins with the previous full moon, two weeks before the New Moon, and it ends with the next full moon, two weeks beyond from the day of the New Year.

The celebrations will finish in mid-February this year, on Valentines’s Day so there is plenty of time to take on the new rhythm of the Rooster and to be fully aligned with its energies in order to achieve the most we can with its help.


According to numerology the year of 2017 is year ‘1’ meaning a total rebirth a new start.

According to the Chinese the Fire Rooster brings lots of opportunities to everyone if we also do our best.


What can you do to be prepared for the new year?


1. CLOSE...

pending issues. Pay back your depts, give back the book what was lended to you by a friend. Settle anything that is needed. According to the Chinese it is not good to bring past debts to the future. A wise advice. Every “pending” issue drains your energy because it is constantly in your mind. So close everything you can.


2. CLEAN...

the old clutter. Get rid of anything you don’t use or need. Organize your past year documents and get rid of those you don’t need.



what you want to achieve in this year. Drawing a goal or a dream? Yes! Scientifically proven that your brain likes colours and remembers much better to anything that is written or drawn compared to a simple thought. Give more energy to your thought, dream with a clarified vision on a physical paper! This helps to achieve it faster.


4. NOTICE...

the needs of your body. We all sit too much in front of computers, desks, tv, including myself. If you sit for 90 minutes or more without standing up is bad for your body and muscles. Stand up, move, drink something, take some short breaks regularly in every 45 minutes.


5. ASK...

for help to free up more time for those things you really like to do! I am quite sure that everybody has  only 24 hours a day (and I am not sure if this 24 hours equals the same amount of time as 20 years ago…), so although it is not possible to buy time in the shop, if you outsource what you can and ask help from a professional it literally means buying time.


You can also realize after a while what is keeping you blocked from achieving your dreams and to have a better year however it may just happen later than you want…


If you want to grow quicker I recommend you to act and do not procrastinate! The energies of the year are helping in this, so take the opportunities what the Universe gives you.


SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ the unique coaching tool that is based on latest scientific research, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and positive psychology can turbo charge your energy, raises your consciousness to a higher level resulting a faster manifestation.


Are you ready for creating change in 2017? Let's create it together with SuperConscious Self-Coaching™!


Contact me at: erika.laszlo@scc.world or contact a SCC Mentor or Instructor.

We are here to help you!


Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster!


With love,


Erika László

Creator and Founder of SuperConscious Self-Coaching and SuperConscious World


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