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9 Questions For A SuperConscious Self-Coaching Transformation

Erika László · General News · 2018. September 23.

9 questions to ask in a SuperConscious Self-Coaching session to calm the mind with getting answers and to have an immediate transformation

9 Questions For A SuperConscious Self-Coaching Transformation


In usual therapy work there are four significant questions they look the answers for:


  • What is happening with the person?
  • Why is this happening to the person?
  • What did the person do “wrong”, so they are in this situation now?
  • How can the person be fixed?


In SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ we not only can get the answers for the questions above less than in an hour but we also change the energies of the situation and the person’s attitude and awareness about it immediately.


Why do we need answers to our whys?


Having the answers calms the busy, thinking mind (finally it gets the answers for the “whys”), helps neurons be relaxed (it does not have to look for the answers wasting a lot of energy anymore) so the client can focus on the solution.


Here are some easy questions for SuperConscious Mentors as a sample how to lead a Superconscious Self-Coaching™ transformation session. These are just tips; you can ask different questions of course, and do the SuperConscious session as you like.


9 Questions For A Superconscious Self-Coaching™ Transformation Session


  1. What is happening with the person? (Master Chart)
  2. Why is this happening to the person? (Why)
  3. What did the person do “wrong”, so they are in this situation now? (Master Chart)
  4. Is there anything (“bad” relationships, divorces, repeated tragedies – miscarriages, death -, accidents, traumas, health issues, blocks on success or making money), programmed in the DNA and the genes that are carried through generations? (If yes, Family Tree and Scripts)
  5. What beliefs have to be changed and what hurts have to be forgiven by the person to go further? (Master Chart, Belief Charts, Forgiveness)
  6. What are the strengths, qualities of the person with which they can cope with this situation perfectly? (Master Chart or Love-based Feelings)
  7. What is the positive side of the case? (Master Chart or Love-based Feelings)
  8. What was learned from the situation (if any)? (Master Chart or Love-based Feelings)
  9. How the person’s awareness and consciousness level has changed as a result of the case? (What level it was before and what it is now – check on Appendix III)


As a result of the above transformation process, the person will feel the instant relief and be lighter, with a more positive view on their situation and the love-based side (pink circle) on Appendix III.


To maintain this positive and love-based consciousness state, remember to give them homework! (Like the DEMERT™ Method, Numeropathy, Colours etc.)


Do not you ever know the super quick results of SuperConscious Self-Coaching?

Contact one of our mentors to have an experience with SuperConscious coaching! You will be amazed by the information you get about yourself and the quick light feelings and clarity of your situation.


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If you are interested in learning the SuperConscious Self-Coaching system, please drop an email for us info-at-SCC.World or through our contact form.

We are here to change the world for a better place!

Do you want to be part of it? Do not hesitate, learn this system, help others, change the world with us while you are doing a work you always desired!


Contact us!

We are looking forward to changing the world with you! :)


With love,


Erika & Sandor the Creators 

and the SuperConscious Team



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