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Do you know why we pay attention to negative news?

Erika László · General News · 2017. March 02.

Why do we pay more attention to negativity than to positive things? Why do we "stick" to the tv if it shows tragic, accidents?

Do you know why we pay attention to negative news?

(Source of this article in Hungarian: www.LaszloErika.hu


The essence of our life is to survive in all situations and our brain (the reptile brain) is programmed to consider in every minute if a situation is dangerous or not.


It makes it so that if a threat is detected, immediately launch a "fight or flight" mechanism, which is preparing for fight to defend us or for run to survive. This doesn’t happen on a conscious level, but is a very deeply programmed survival mechanism.


Negative things are fear-based, life-threatening.


As negative is dangerous and can threaten your life, attention should be paid to it therefore, we pay much more attention to the negative things than to positive ones.


When we experience or hear about something negative we feel a tension in our bodybecause the "fight or flight" mechanism triggers the production of hormones so we can take the appropriate (re)action.


Recent scientific research has shown that the brain can not distinguish between the imagined and the real. This is very good because this way you can make something “real” to your brain what in reality it is not. 


The way that we can all do this is using our imagination.


When you imagine something what you want to attract into your life you use this capability of your brain. This is part of your creational process, when this functions in you.



However, this also means that when we see something bad happens to someone (either on film, the media!), the brain also considers these realistic and reacts according to it. 


You can imagine what they are exposed to who constantly watch, listen tragic events in the media and the news.


Knowing all this it really matters what you watch or what you listen to, because your body - whether you like it or not - will respond to it.


It is important to know, when the "fight or flight" mechanism of the body is in function, the immune system - that is, protection against diseases – stops functioning because all the energy is concentrated to avoid an immediate threat to the survival. 


Experiments have shown that if the immune system functions on a low level, the person will become retractable, unsociable (and therefore later lonely) because the body wants to defends itself against dangerous germs.


How to avoid daily negativity?  


1. Conscious Breathing and Meditation

For example, by consciously listening to your breath for a few minutes, and meditation also help you to become more relaxed after a tense day. 


2. Choose well how you are feeding your brain


Based on all these the tragic, violent movies, books, and the news about "reality" that is spread through the media, should not let into our brains. Just as you are aware what feels good to eat and, is good to your body pay attention to what you feed your brain.


3. SuperConscious Self-Coaching™


If you want to do even more than the above for yourself and your environment, I reccommend Super Conscious Self-Coaching™ to you.


SSC is a great and easy way to transform the daily negativity into love-based, life supporting energies and feelings. It is also worth to learn SSC and then you can help the people in your community and at the same time to yourself, because if people around us happier and they are more satisfied, then we also feel better.


Looking forward to seeing you at one of our classes! 






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