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How to change your limiting beliefs around money and success with the DEMERT Method

Erika László · General News · 2019. April 08.

You can easily change all your limiting thoughts about money, success with a unique and proven technique, the DEMERT Method.

How to change your limiting beliefs around money and success with the DEMERT Method

By: Erika Laszlo, co-founder of SuperConscious World™ and creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™


People in most of the world work all day long, yet, they live in poverty, rather than in financial freedom. It seems the saying that hard work gets rewarded or that it takes hard work to make money is not true


If it were true, the majority of people would live a life full of wealth and abundance. Nevertheless, looking around, what you see is entirely different. My clients are rather smart and intelligent people. They do everything to live a better life and to make progress in their lives, money and success issues. And yet, when they come to me they confess it is difficult for them to achieve it.


So, what can be the trouble?


1. Beliefs


The first – and probably the most important – item is our beliefs. To make more money or to have more success we need to believe we can have it, and that we can have more than our ancestors. We need to change our limiting thoughts connected to money and success. 


It is scientifically proven that what is in your head (incorrectly), will determine your experiences how you see yourself, success, money, people and the world. Therefore, if you change your thoughts, your beliefs (around money and success), you will change everything. 


How does it look like in practice?

These are the statements I use and say to my clients in my coaching sessions too.


If you believe that you can’t do it, (false thinking), that you are incapable of doing it, that you are not good enough, never be successful – then it is exactly what is going to happen.


If you believe that you can’t trust people, that you will be deceived – then this is what you will get.


If you believe that men/women always deceive you, cause you unhappiness and disappointment, then this is exactly what is going to happen in your relationships.


If you believe that it is difficult... (to make a lot of money, pass an exam, move to a new home), then it will be difficult!


If you believe that you never get help from anybody, then don’t be surprised if – in fact – no one ever helps you.


So, it is important to change our beliefs. Okay, you say, I know it. But how to do it when nobody has any easy method for it?


We know the solution: DEMERT Method™!


In the Conscious Money Creation™ and also in the SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ workshops, we teach the DEMERT Method™, which is the easiest and quickest way to transform beliefs and to achieve forgiveness.


The DEMERT Method™ has been created by me. (The earlier version of the DEMERT Method™ that I have been teaching for more than a decade was called "BUT Method". That had only one step, while the DEMERT Method™ has three steps and is more effective.) 


More about the DEMERT Method™ here.


It is one thing to know HOW, but more importantly, you have to know WHAT you need to change.


Change is difficult for everybody, especially for clients. Wouldn't it be easier for you and for them to know exactly WHAT to change and then use the step by step easy DEMERT Method™?


As their coach and mentor, you would be their "angel" who not only shows them exactly what to change but the one who gives them the practical and easy method to do it.


Unless we recognise our wrong, limiting thoughts, there is no way we can change them. This is why awareness and making yourself aware of things are so essential because if we are not aware of something, we won't be able to deal with it, right?


In the Conscious Money Creation workshop, we work a lot with these limiting, wrong thoughts (beliefs), and we transform them with the DEMERT Method™  to create a new approach and a new way of thinking that everybody can take home.


(In SuperConscious Self-Coaching™, there are several charts about money beliefs, major money fears and money traps so you can always find the one that has to be changed to achieve full freedom.)


2. Financial ceiling and permission originating in your family


The second most important thing relating to financial and money issues is the pattern you bring from your family. Wealth and unlimited trust in wealth or constraints and the belief in poverty and scarcity?


Unfortunately, the model of many countries includes poverty and limitations, not only at the family level but also at that of the nations.


These patterns can be as old as several hundreds of (thousands of) years, and yet, they determine your relationship to money today and also decide how difficult it is for you to create your financial freedom and success.


Your family (or national) patterns also determine whether you have received permission or prohibition regarding success, a better life or more money (financial freedom).


Royal families have no trouble with money.


Do you know why? The answer is simple: They have no limiting beliefs regarding wealth because they have always lived in wealth with a high financial ceiling (or no ceiling at all regarding money) in the family and they always experienced wealth from generation to generation.


Do you have permission to become more, and to live a different, more prosperous and successful life than your ancestors?


If you do, you are a fortunate person, and you should be grateful to your parents (even if you had problems – every family does, believe me).


As long as these patterns in the subconscious determine (limit) your opportunity to achieve success and more money, no wonder that in spite of the lot of work, you don’t get more success or money.


Using SuperConscious Self-Coaching™, it only takes a couple of moments to find out if you have permission to have a happy (happier) life, success and to surpass your ancestors in the area of abundance, money and finances.


This is all easily transformed using SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ so that you can finally make use of all of your opportunities.


The 2-day Conscious Money Creation (CMC) workshop is also designed to make you free of these family patterns once and for all. 


3. A helper, a mentor who is with you in the process


The third most important thing is to have a helper who is there with you in a given moment and helps you identify what you need to change. Having a mentor is essential; otherwise, it is very easy to return to old patterns.


This is why a single motivation course or one session with a mentor usually does not help in the long term. Just think about it: taking a single piano lesson will not make you a pianist!


Everybody has a great time in a 2 to 5-day motivation course in an uplifting team filled with energy, laughing together, participating in all kinds of fun exercises and going home with the feeling of “what a great course it was”!


But...what happens when motivation is gone?


None of these courses has an effect that lasts for years. This is why people can get addicted to training and courses because they need another “burst of energy”.


Some people go to several of such courses in a year to get their energy infusion. This, however, will only enhance their addiction, and they will not experience or maintain any real transformation.


What they take home is an energy infusion rather than real and permanent transformation, and this needs to be repeated again and again to maintain the effect.


On the other hand, a mentoring process (including 2 to 5 sessions for a single issue) can create permanent changes after which you will need no more energy infusions.


Keep reading, because you will be surprised what sort of mentoring process I am talking about. It is not what you think!


Why do you think athletes have trainers who help them?


Because they don't know the rules of the sport? Do you think they have no idea how to kick the ball? Or they don’t know how to bounce the ball or make a basket in basketball? Do you think that after so many years of training they still don’t know how to become a better athlete?


They learned HOW to do things a long time ago, but they can't view themselves from the outside; therefore, they don't know WHAT to do differently.


Do you know that all the very successful and wealthy entrepreneurs have a coach, a mentor themselves? Did you know that coaches also have one?

And they all have one for the same reason as athletes. They want to fine tune what they are doing and they need someone with a different perspective of what to change.

As a coach or professional yourself does not mean you do not have issues in your life. You do, as all of us! It is normal to have challenges in life.


We all have challenges, even a medical doctor can be sick. Does it mean he is not a "good" doctor or does not know his profession well enough? Of course, it does not mean that. 


A mentor, a coach can help you with looking at you from the outside and use this view to make you aware of WHAT you should do differently. Exactly how sports coaches do and how a doctor can help you when you feel sick. They can help you from the outside.


Now, you may think that I’m referring to a specific mentor – a human being – well, you will be surprised because I’m talking about something else!


What I mean is your “built-in” mentor that can be accessed easily using my proprietary coaching system that integrates western and eastern knowledge. 


You can help your clients, friends, develop yourself, raise your intuition and consciousness level and you can become your wise mentor, and you can change and settle your or others' issues – including the relationship with money and success – in every situation.


How much could an intensive SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ course give you?


SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ has 90 charts (as of 2019) in which you can easily find what and how to change and lead you through every situation. It drives awareness and changes. 


You know a lot already? Fine! SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ integrates eastern and western knowledge and almost 30 modalities into one easy, structured system.


SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ gives you a tool that can be used in your private and professional life areas.


So, if you want to have an easy system that you can bring home with you instead of a simple energy infusion, sign up for a SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ course!


I wish you happy clients!

With much love,




Erika Laszlo

Co-founder of SuperConscious World™, creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™



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