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Who is talking in your head?

Erika László · General News · 2021. January 11.

How to Easily Differentiate your Intuition (SuperConscious aspect) “Talking” from Your Ego Aspect?

Who is talking in your head?

So, do you know who? I'm sure you noticed that there is “somebody” continuously talking in your head. And the one speaks most of the time will determine your life. You wouldn't choose a bad advisor in a critical situation, would you?


Your life is the most important "situation" and "issue". Therefore it is paramount to choose consciously who do you listen to. Many listen to their "worst enemy" all day long. And you?


Who do you listen to?


Every one of us has three very different “talk-machines” in our head. They use different language, communication style and voice and of course, they are vibrating on a different energy level.


It is quite easy to differentiate them if you consciously notice what is going on in your thinking.



The three different Talking Machines


Internal Consultant


A good advisor helps us to achieve what we want. It gives you good advice most of the time in the form of questions, tries to give you a different perspective and never judges.


Your internal consultant is no different, it exactly does the same you would expect from a good advisor. This is your SuperConscious aspect (intuition), which vibrates at the level of love and makes you feel relaxed and good.


When this part of you is talking, you can be sure you are tuned to the love-channel. Basically, there are two energy channels you can tune to, love and fear (high or low vibration) or in other words life-supporting or life-threatening energies.



Internal Narrator

It observes and makes comments on everything regarding the present and the tasks you need to take care of in the near future. It belongs to your conscious mind, it’s neutral and it makes no judgements (except when the internal judge interferes and gets involved in this aspect).


Internal Judge


It criticises everything and everybody (including you) and makes judgements continuously as if you were in court. Besides, it does not work using the present but old, recorded programs in you and fear-based energies, feelings (ethical, moral values and the connecting limiting beliefs).


This is the part we call ego, and it is connected to your subconscious mind. It is based on fears and limitations, vibrates at the energy level of fear and it is connected to the fear-channel.


An important aspect when you need to survive, however, not a good advisor when there is no real danger around.


How can you differentiate among these three aspects in your everyday life (and when you use the SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ charts)?


Just listen to the talk in your head! Each of them has its own talking style.


How does the Internal Consultant talk?

Your Internal Consultant (your SuperConscious aspect) would always use a nice, gentle tone, it would never hurt you or others, it would never make judgements on you or others, and it wants the best for everybody.


When you hear and use this aspect, it will generate good feelings inside you. It asks you questions, it has suggestions, it calms you down if you are worried.


You will hear this kind of talk:


  • Why could we not go?

  • It is absolutely OK for me to try.

  • This is safe, there is no trouble.

  • Should I park there instead?

  • I can do it.

  • Why am I so lucky? (Instead of your ego’s talk saying: Why am I so unlucky?)

  • Why not? You can do it!


How does your Internal Narrator talk?

It talks to you constantly about what you need to do and makes comments on the environment that you can see around you.


You will hear this kind of talk:

  • Wow, what a colour!
  • It’s a rather big traffic jam.
  • What a beautiful day today!
  • Today is the deadline to deliver the project.
  • I need to go to the bank.
  • Let’s not forget about buying sugar.
  • I need to go to the school to pick up the kids.


How does your Internal Judge/Ego talk?

This part of you has prejudice towards others and you, it regrets the past and it is worried about the future. It takes away an enormous amount of energy and it keeps you at a low level of vibration. It works with fear-based energies, which can make you very exhausted if this part of you talks a lot in your head.


You will hear this kind of talk:

  • People, situations are horrible.
  • Life is hard.
  • I cannot do this.
  • How miserable I am.
  • This is not fair.
  • I should have made a different decision.
  • I will lose my partner/job/house/money etc.


I think now you understand that it’s really easy. As your ego starts to talk, you will feel immediately that you are not feeling well.


When your internal consultant, your SuperConscious is talking to you, then it sounds easy, joyful and exciting. When your ego is talking, it sounds difficult, sad, may be filled with a sense of danger, fear or anger.


Pay close and conscious attention to your internal talk going on in your head, and you will become quickly able to distinguish between them. Then make a conscious choice and switch to the love-channel.


With much love,

Erika Laszlo, Creator of Intuyching™ (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™)





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