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ccq-creative coaching questions

ccq-creative coaching questions



is a workshop that changes your style of questioning and your thinking!


It is a problem for many to ask the right questions.

We do not correctly ask our questions because we don’t know how to ask. Usually, the focus of our questioning is negative, and with this, the answer will also be based on negativity (therefore we get false information).


Did it happen to you that you asked questions like:


Why am I so unlucky/miserable?

Why did it happen to me?

What is blocking my life?

Am I cursed?


How do you feel when you ask such questions? You don’t feel well, do you?

That is happening when you ask the wrong, the negative focus questions.

Would you like to have a different way of questioning to change your life and your focus?  A different way and thinking with which you can also affirm and raise your self-esteem? This workshop is made to help you in this, and you will also get a book with more than 700 questions!


Look into the content of the book!


We will practise a lot, and you will have joyful hours together with like-minded people. :) And the best part, you don't even have to travel anywhere, you can do this class in the comfort of your home!


Who is this workshop for?

Although this workshop initially has been created for SuperConscious Mentors and Coaches to help them in their work, this workshop is beneficial to everyone, and you can use some of the techniques even with your children!


What is included?


Webinar (online) participation


Creative Coaching Questions e-book in PDF format with more than 700 questions

Digital certificate in English (You must register on SCC.WORLD website in order to receive a certificate.)


We will cover:

Coaching principles

Biofeedback and the question
Principles of questioning
What is a good question like?
The process of questioning
Type of questions
Creative coaching techniques
The energetic basket
Wheel of life
Company wheel
Love wheel


Check about the next CCQ workshop at next classes!


We are looking forward to "seeing" you in the webinar!




Erika Laszlo is a transformational teacher, coach and a communication trainer. She is the author of 4 books (SuperConscious Chakra Cards, Creative Coaching Questions, Key to Creative Work, MuZEn of the SouL).

Erika has empowered and changed the lives of many thousands clients and students from 24 countries from 4 continents through workshops and transformational training.

She created the #1 and unique intuitive, licensed coaching system of all time for individuals and professionals, called SuperConscious Self-Coaching™. She is the co-founder and co-owner of Szuperc Limited and the SuperConscious Community International, network of SuperConscious Members, Mentors and Instructors.



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