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ssc-class testimonials

Our students say... as they say (in their own language)

ssc-class testimonials


Ezt minden embernek meg kellene tanulnia...


A módszered (SzuperTudatos Önfejlesztés) használata során ugyanazokat a megdöbbenéseket tapasztalom, amelyekről írtál. Sőt néha még én is megdöbbenek a valaszokon.

Fantasztikusan működő szuper rendszer!!! Megmutatja, hogy mennyire tudunk szorosan, elválaszthatatlanul együttműködni lelkünk magasabb síkon maradt részével fókuszált állapotban.
Ezt minden embernek meg kellene tanulnia és akkor mindenki szeretetből működne!
Hálával és szeretettel,
Magyar Judit

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The updates are fantastic!


We felt very well as always! The updates are fantastic! Thank you! 

Klaudia Slisz and Judit Magyar (Hungary)


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Amazing course!

Thanks, Erika - there's a lot to wade through!!! Amazing course!

Chris Quatermaine (United Kingdom)


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Visszakaptam az életemet!!! Fantasztikus módszer és csapat!

Kedves Erika!

Nagyon jól tettem, hogy voltam nálad ismétlőn. Van egy olyan érzésem, hogy a SzuperTudatom már régóta várt rám, és most nagyon jó barátok lettünk. :)

Használatával naponta rádöbbenek valamire, naponta változom és ez az amire mindig is vágytam. Sok mindent kipróbáltam, de ez valami csúcs szuper! 

Ezt nehéz szavakban kifejezni, és az is meglehet, hogy mindenkinek mást és mást jelent. Nekem valami olyasmit, hogy végre kezembe vehetem az életem irányítását. El sem tudod képzelni, nekem ez milyen sokat jelent. Visszakaptam az életemet!!!  

Hálás vagyok neked Erika, és köszönöm a SzuperTudatnak is, hogy megtalált Téged, és hogy pont akkor gép előtt voltál!  

Szép napot!


Andi Ruthmayer (Hungary)

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Annyi mindent kaptam Tőled ebben a 4 napban...

Kedves Erika!

Én nagyon jól éreztem magam. Ezen a héten esténként már végre jut időm gyakorlásra, és nagyon élvezem. … A még hátralévő 2 tanfolyamra, ha lesz …, mindenképpen azonnal szeretnék jelentkezni.

Nagyon érdekel a táblázatok használata is, mindenképpen számíthatsz rám.

Mindent nagyon-nagyon köszönök. Annyi mindent kaptam Tőled ebben a 4 napban, hogy az szavakkal kifejezhetetlen.


Iza (Izabella Varga - Hungary)

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I can’t find other words than ……”WONDERFUL” ...

Thank you so much for your amazing charts. I have been using the old system quite a lot, so I am familiar with the way to use it. You have improved the charts so much…….. It is wonderful.

It has guided me and in areas where I felt stressed, it eased straight away. Also for clients, I received instant guidance and advice.

I can’t find other words than ……”WONDERFUL” – Marja Vraets Guliker (United Kingdom)


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It's really changed me a lot... 

It has really changed me a lot when I learnt from living in the present instead of living from the past....

SSC is a really really powerful and good tool, cox what we have to focus is * NOW*.


Thanks so much, Erika for bringing us and give us these lovely generous tools, really learnt a lot from you!

Thanks soooo much

With lots of love,

Joanne Chan (Hong Kong)

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Your teaching is so good...

Dear Erika,

I am so happy to join this SCC class. I met you in the SRT - self-mastery class.
During that class, I got a lot of "new points of view" to seeing or thinking. You are so inspiring to me.

So, when I join the SCC class, I feel my mind starting change.
Your teaching is so good which always welcome us to have a different question.

When you were teaching us to use the chart and give us the time to practice, I feel changes.
Like transformation in the family tree, after I finish my mother part, I feel my heart have some pain which I am sure that the energy is changing.

Also, the chart is straightforward and convenient to use as we can go whatever we want to.
No special rule but freedom :-)

And I also feel all the charts are more close to daily life which I feel good to help others.
Always positive and always with love

With Love,
Phoebe Tang (Hong Kong)

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Exciting, refreshing and accurate...

The class was exciting, refreshing and accurate and I particularly liked its simplicity and the sense of freedom - the idea that you can "do anything you wish" and you can't do anything wrong! I have had four clients to date all amazed with results.
I have worked on myself quite a bit and am pleased with my positive attitude and the feeling of contentment!

Lol, Rita Rogers (United Kingdom)


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...a be-LIE-f detector...

SSC is a system on how to work as a detective using a be-LIE-f detector. It brings out the hidden truth. The truth sets free and transmutes to love. Marja Vraets-Guliker (United Kingdom)


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...it encompasses everything... a most enjoyable course

Thank you for bringing this wonderfully comprehensive course into being. SCC is a very easy system to learn and understand; like the stream to the river, then on to the ocean of Oneness, it flows; it encompasses everything we need to see in ourselves to help us to see what we do not realise on an unconscious level, the deep-seated blocks that stop us from moving forward.

It shows us easily and simply how to transform, but more importantly, how to "reboot" our systems. To create who we want to be and to understand simply that in that Oneness we, as we create, send that out to others for we are all a part of the whole.

A most enjoyable course. Many blessings, Gabriella Divine (United Kingdom)


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...the most incredible 4 days for me...

It was the most incredible 4 days for me. I became freer and freer with the days passing by what could have happened because of “tasting” the method. And if the tasting has such a result what will happen when I am going to eat the whole menu, MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tasted many things over the years, and when I have ordered the different things from those menu cards, I was always brought something totally different what I have expected. I realised it today that it has happened probably because the menu was not understandable. I thought to have a duck, but I got a fish at the end. It was good it was just not what I wanted.

On this menu card, everything is how it is written. You cannot misunderstand it; tastes are as much as it is good and there is no spice that doesn’t fit in. All the words are easily understandable, clear and it doesn’t mystify so I can surely say that if I have understood it, everyone else would too.

It gives answers to our daily life questions. We get the answer immediately, and then we can just wonder… oh yes…, indeed. And then what to do with it? Meditate? Visualize? Watch our reactions? NO! Let’s transform it now! And it is done!

Thanks for the Universe that I can know you.

With much love and hugs,

Mónika Kiss Illés (Hungary)  

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...anyone can understand it...                                                            

Why is SCC super? Because it is worded simple, no mystification, anyone can understand it even without explanation.

It is specific and very punctual. It transforms everything immediately and with this gives the immediate solution.

I definitely enjoy, the most how clients react when they hear what kind of positive things they got after transforming the negatives.

Thank you very much!

Big kiss,

Gabriella Várdai (Romania)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!                                                    

I am extremely grateful for all the possibilities, love and attention I have been given through SCC and Conscious Money Creation classes.

You are a superb example of what you represent.

You are a miracle indeed, and miracles happen through you too. I thank you gratefully for the technique and curriculum built up logically and that can be applied to our lives. A special thank goes to all those people with whom I have taken the class together for being in super energy.

I’ll do my very best to create an easier, happier, life without limiting beliefs in my life and the life of my family, friends and clients.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Judit Lancz (Hungary) 

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....a dynamic and credible manual to life...    

SCC for me is a dynamic and credible manual to life that should be taught in schools. It is dynamic because it reacts continuously to the changes and credible because it is always giving up to date information from the clearest source.

According to my experience, the system is whole and complete; it integrates all the useful methods and practices that can give a solution for today's world’s issues.

As I see it in my environment, everyone is looking for a solution that gives them the key to happiness.

People tend to try many different methods however I believe none of them can be as complete and giving such a comprehensive solution to lighten up our issues in life as SCC.

SCC is gentle, love-based and works by positive affirmation. And the best is that it is easily understandable by anyone giving simple and practical wording to our questions.

I am extremely grateful and feel privileged for taking this class. In spite of the fact that I have been working on myself for quite a while, I was given much new information during the class what I didn’t find in books. It was news to me what I have learned about both beliefs and Universal Laws.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Angéla Csepregi (Hungary)


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...a life-changing system... 

It's a life-changing system. Easy to understand and logical.  There is a scientific explanation for most of the parts, and it works extremely quickly!  It opens up millions of possibilities. 

...I worked on my friend last night on Skype, she's an SRT consultant and kinesiologist in Budapest……we worked mostly on her business and today she's got the ideas she was waiting for months, and she also was asked (7 am this morning ) to teach new courses. I'm thrilled and feel that with this system the sky is the limit…..

Thank you so much.

Timi Olah (United Kingdom) 


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