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ssc-superconscious self-coaching™

SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ (SSC) gives you an opportunity to support change, transform and create your life easily. This new self-coaching system is created by Erika Laszlo.

ssc-superconscious self-coaching™





Something that SHOWS you what to change to feel happier? To discover what bothers you? To know the exact beliefs that hold you back and transform them in minutes? To have a tool with which you can "fix a broken" feeling, situation etc.?

Sure, who doesn't?

And you know what is fantastic? SuperConscious Self-Coaching™, the Life Manual gives you even more! It is the first unique and easily understandable self-coaching system in the world – with which anyone can understand and create change in their life quickly.


SSC 4 day training programme

SSC training leaflet




  • is based on latest scientific research;
  • is entirely love-based and does not concentrate on fear;
  • it is comprehensive; you will find some Western coaching, psychological and Eastern spiritual philosophy and other elements all in one system;
  • has a unique (trademarked) design that reflects the new feminine energy of the Aquarian age;
  • concentrates on the present and the solution;
  • focuses on changing and transforming controlling and limiting belief systems as well as fear-based energies and feelings;
  • transforms blocks in your energy centres of the body (Chakras and Meridians)
  • is like coaching by one’s inner self;
  • is simple and easy to learn;
  • is easy to understand, with no complicated terms.


WHY IS SuperConscious Self-Coaching GOOD FOR YOU?


It makes you aware of your daily life issues (relationships, emotional states, finances, work, career, environmental issues) with showing the backend programmes and transforms them with using your intention.


You will be able to communicate easily with the Universe, create what you want and be supported by your SuperConscious power.


HOW IS SuperConscious Self-Coaching DIFFERENT FROM COACHING?


With the coaching questioning process, we usually shift the focus from negative to positive and do our best to help change the thinking of the client.


However, we all know that just because we do not look at and do not pay attention to the dirt in the corner of our room, it did not disappear. It is not in our focus anymore. Usual coaching shifts the focus but does not care about the original "dirt". 


What happens with that "dirt" later? Well, that "dirt" is an emotion, a feeling, a thought or a belief system, and that is energy. We learned it in physics " energy is and can be transformed". But it will never disappear! So just because we do not look at it anymore because the focus has changed, the energy (the emotion/feeling etc.) remained untouched and later can cause physical symptoms.


SuperConscious Self-Coaching not only shifts the focus but can and will also change the original "dirt", the fear-based feelings and limitations into love-based feelings and supporting energies. This makes it so different from usual coaching.


SO, WHY LEARN SuperConscious Self-Coaching™? …. BECAUSE:


  • You will know how to get rid of all blocks and to create good things
  • You will know to change blocking beliefs
  • You will be able to understand, check and change your relationship with money consciously
  • You will know to change the emotional blocks in the Chakra and Meridian systems
  • You will know to check and change environmental blocks
  • You will learn skills that are used in positive psychology and coaching
  • You will learn the most accurate and easy method that uses the knowledge of latest scientific research
  • You will be among the first to use SSC and will be able to offer this new, exciting and efficient system to your friends and family (and to your clients) for everyone’s highest good
  • Plus, much much more!


LEARNING SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ WILL HELP YOU TO:


  • become your support/coach
  • help others on their journey to become an active creator of life




  • teaches you to link easily and quickly to your SuperConscious power
  • has unique charts and uses the biofeedback mechanism of the body
  • shows you how to use the charts with a pendulum or without it
  • guides you, transforms fear-based limitations into love-based supporting programmes
  • helps you become more aware of your issues, what causes them and how to create a better life




  • Why are things happening in your life?
  • What are you attracting into your life?
  • Relationships issues?
  • Universal Laws and what influences they have?
  • Roles/Archetypes and how to activate the appropriate one in a situation?
  • Needs, Attitudes & Values - and how they can affect your relationships?
  • Personal motivations so you can achieve what you want?
  • Lifestyle priorities to know what is essential in the present moment for you?
  • Scripts/Family Tree to stop carrying over and repeating patterns you don't want?
  • Obstacles of Change to change them to act more comfortable?
  • Steps of Creation to become your own Super Creator?
  • Life paths to know your strengths?
  • How to forgive and transform limiting beliefs quickly with the DEMERT Method™ (a unique and proven method created by Erika László)?
  • Gratitude Elevator to change your vibration easily and quickly to a higher level?
  • State of Consciousness to know where you are and how to change your frequency to a higher level?
  • Plus much more?


HISTORY OF SuperConscious Self-Coaching™


  • First charts created in 2011 by Erika László
  • The first class of Erika held in Budapest in December 2012 "Dowsing Charts for Raising Consciousness"
  • SuperConscious Communication™, taught by Erika and held in Budapest, December 2014
  • SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ 2016
  • 8 new charts and major modifications in 2018


We can see the incredible quick change in the charts (and in the Student's Manual).


Be part of this incredible journey with us and learn this very efficient system!


Are you still unsure if this is for you? Check out what previous students have said about SuperConscious Self-Coaching™™ classes!  

Class Testimonials 


BUT! DO NOT COME AND SuperConscious Self-Coaching IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU:


Are we crazy to tell you not to come? No, we are not. However, we do know this system is not for everybody. 

Please be aware, that during the course many of your beliefs will be challenged. You will learn new things you have never heard of. 

So please, DO NOT COME, IF YOU 

  • do not want to change or change your life for the better (quickly)
  • are not on a high consciousness level
  • are not open to new things
  • wish to wait for miracles to happen


DO NOT COME and please HESITATE for more and more and more... and then you will have the same life you have now.


If you are happy, have a fantastic relationship with everyone, in good health, doing what you love with financial freedom then this class is not for you!

(However, you would be able to help others, and wouldn’t that be nice if you have all?)


If you still read this, then you surely want something better...


in your life and make life better for others! Time has come to change, and you are lucky because you can gain a flowing and better life in which you will be able to navigate like a PRO with deserved certainty!


Register now for a class or to our newsletter to receive secret information, discounts, course details and more shared only with our Subscribers!


During our classes, a full set of charts and a comprehensive training manual is provided among other gifts. For fees, please check out the next courses in the menu.


Next classes

Class fees may vary by location and languages. 


Register now! We are looking forward to meeting you in one of our classes!


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