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client testimonials

"The focus is on you, finding the way out of your problem..."

client testimonials

"The focus is on you, finding the way out of your problem..."

I have asked for help many times from Erika through SRT and the new SuperConscious™ chart system, and she helped many times.

Now the new charts are working much more efficiently. When you ask for spiritual help, you need a response that is positive and that brings you forward while identifying the difficulty or obstacle you are facing.

The new charts are just as efficient with the questioning method to determine the route causes than the SRT ones. Regarding the solution and your focus, they are far more positive and direct you towards the right energy you would like to attract and absorb.

I find them much more helpful than the SRT system; the focus is on you finding the way out of your problem rather than digging further and further in the route causes.

Wish all of you who try this new journey a similar experience I had.

Magdolna - Budapest


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"THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!! Is it indeed possible?????"

Do you remember my painful wrist issue of which the doctor didn’t do anything?

You asked to transform all the blockings in the way of the healing, and after we had talked on 22nd of August for the 29th I realised that the pain has almost gone! I have felt almost immediately that it is healed 70-80%!!!!! THIS quick change IS A MIRACLE!!!! Is it indeed possible?????

The pain has almost gone, and I can use my wrist and hand. :) It is unbelievable… it is great!!! I can’t say a word; this is far beyond my understanding!!!

For nor I feel that it is healed at about 95%-98%. I can’t describe it very well; it has changed quickly, it is fascinating. On one day it was still there, and on the other, I noticed that “wow… it doesn’t hurt anymore!”

Thank you so much, I am very grateful!!! I actually can’t find the words!!! I know this was not a big issue, it is “just” a wrist, and yet it is not all the same that for so many years I couldn’t use my hands, and now I have them again!

Réka Kárpi - Hungary


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"It was great! All the words, charts were easily understandable."

I was among the lucky ones with who you tried the new method.

Why SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ is different, this is the very first time I am thinking about it as you asked me to write about it.

Since the first session, some months passed by and my very first thought is that we can see our beliefs easily with SSC. Those we haven’t even noticed that they are beliefs; though you always say how important they are in determining our lives.

It was great! All the words, charts were easily understandable.

I knew that this is something great I had the chance to experience the NEW at that time but I became aware of it just now as I am writing about it! Incredible!!

I have many different feelings, after the many months I am still under the influence of SSC.

I could write even more positive words without being able to express the greatness of this method.

However, I AM SURE that it will spread out incredibly quickly and will be very popular!

I am so grateful that I know you!

Diána Duzmath - Hungary


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"Clearing out the old and making way for the new..."

As you know, I have been doing energy work with you for several years.  I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the new work that you are now doing. When we do a session, I feel the changes happening with in me much more fully and powerfully. After the session, I can see how I am manifesting my intentions quicker and with more grace and ease.

Clearing out the old and making way for the new, at lightening speed, is what I would say your new work is accomplishing.  


JW - Los Angeles, USA


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"I feel confident, certain and optimistic..."

I have a clearer mind this morning, feel confident, certain and optimistic about my career. I will do more Forgiving statements so that I can let go the energies from my past job/experiences and start my new path. For my mum, I can feel more love-based feelings from her now.

I loved the SSC class in September, a lot of inspirations and insights for me. Thank you, Erika, again for your excellent teaching!

Best wishes,

R. H. - Hong Kong


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Dearest Erika,

Before our session, I felt sad, confused and full of despair. After our session, I feel happy, hopeful and empowered.  I feel as though my sparkles are beginning to recharge!

I will apply the guidance you provided and look forward to enjoying further transformations and shifts in my energy.

With much gratitude,

Lara (Australia)


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