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Stand out from the crowd! Learn, grow and build a career with us! Join our quickly growing SuperConscious Community™ as a valued Member and show your professionalism and use our Membership logo on your site!


Why to join us? Because…

  • you can immediately join us as a Member with just paying the Membership fee.
  • you can show your professionalism on your website as a SuperConscious Member.
  • you will be able to use the trademarked membership logo as well as to use the SCC Member title (or any other title like SCC Mentor etc. depending on the classes you have taken) during your membership.
  • you will belong to the international network of SuperConscious Creation’s/World™.
  • as a bonus, you will be listed on the website among members, and you get access to your own profile page.
  • your photo, email, other data and your own introduction – added and editable by you anytime - will be advertised by the site.




JOIN US NOW and immediately enjoy the benefits of being advertised as a professional member of SuperConscious World™!

You can achieve different levels of membership, depending on the different classes you have taken with us.

You can grow and learn the most accurate and unique self-coaching system of the 21st century!


See Classes for more information on the different classes we offer.


We are looking forward to have you among our Members!

The SuperConscious Team

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become a member

Want to join our SuperConscious Community? Please read the requirements, and we are looking forward to welcome you among our members.
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our members

Here you can find all our members.
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membership star system

Our star system that indicates how many classes and in which modality the person has taken class.
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