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SuperConscious Self-Coaching™

Course starts: February 05. 2019.
Course end: February 13. 2019.
Participation fee:USD 3 499 2 499 Best price for members!
Payments:Bank transfer
Instructors:Erika László
Organiser:Erika László

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A SuperConscious Self-Coaching Webinar!

Join to receive everything you need for changing your life!


You must have an iPad to join (no Android tablets)! You will have access to the SCCW iPad Chart App after your payment received.

Class Schedule for USA EST (Eastern Standard Time) Zone:

10 am - 2 pm
on all days: 5, 6, 7, 8  and 11, 12, 13 February


Class Schedule for Europe (Amsterdam) CET Zone:

4 pm - 8 pm
on all days: 5, 6, 7, 8  and 11, 12, 13 February

For your own time zone please check at:



FEE: $3499



The real magic of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ - apart from intensifying the intuition and raising the consciousness - is that it’s able to transform the negative fear-based feelings to positive love based feelings.

SSC™ is able to transform the core feelings (energies) making them unable to return and it happens easily in an instant in the quantum field.

The aim of the SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ is to awaken you to the power of your own superconsciousness, your real inner knowledge and to help you to create a happier and more harmonious life you deserve. 

Repeaters are very welcome too! (SCC Juniors and Mentors with a paid Membership can get this class for a repeater fee). ;-)

Please contact Erika Laszlo for any further details.


Join now to receive this revolutionary and intuitive self-coaching system to change your life and your clients' lives for the better!

Looking forward to having you on the webinar of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™!


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