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intuyching-superconscious self-coaching™

♥︎ Help others with an intuitive, energetic coaching system ♥︎ Intuyching® can be a real GOLD MINE for you! ♥︎ Restart your life (and help your clients) with Intuyching®!

intuyching-superconscious self-coaching™

Want to help others while doing what you've always wanted to do?


Intuyching® application works only on iPad.

- The chart application does not work on any computer.

- You need an iPad to use the charts. iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPad Air are not recommended because the application does not work correctly on them.

- The licence fee of the SCCW Chart app has to be renewed yearly in order to use it. (Yearly fee is about 499 EUR for the application. Discounts are available for certain languages and for members, and mentors.)

Would you like a tool that is like the  X-ray of the Soul, instantly revealing what's in the subconscious that's blocking anyone from achieving the happiness and harmony they deserve? An energetic self-coaching tool that can instantly change the negative, limiting thoughts (beliefs) and feelings of your clients (friends, family)?


It is hard to believe that there is anything that can give you instant insights, that can change what is holding you back, and in a few minutes give you relief and therefore feelings of happiness.


Intuyching® does just that. It gives you the power to create instant change, to easily create more money, to create more freedom to embark on a whole new path in life, while helping others. This intuitive, energetic coaching system, unique in the world, was created by Erika László.


Could Intuyching® be the specific self-development system you've always been looking for?


You've probably been involved in self-awareness and self-development for a long time, and you've come across a lot of things so far. You've learned a lot, you've gotten to know a lot, and you've applied what you've learned to yourself and your environment and your clients.


But how nice it would be if all the knowledge you have in your head was available in a tangible and understandable simple chart system! If you never forgot anything you already knew, because you could always find it in the system!


Intuyching® the integrated, coaching-like chart system could be a real GOLD-MINE in your hands!


If you've been working with people for years, that's why, and if you're just starting on the path of self-development and self-awareness, that's why.


You can create instant transformation for your environment, and your clients, just by bringing to the attention things they have never thought of before, most of which have been hidden in the subconscious. You can gain years for them, and of course for yourself! As change is instantaneous and a new perspective is created, therefore you can finally focus on solutions.


Reboot your life (and your clients' lives!) with the Intuyching® chart-based system!


It may seem strange that you can do this with a chart system, but that's exactly what we can do with it. By transforming and recognizing so much in just one hour (or the 5-day intensive Intuyching® program), it is like just having your GPS redraw your life path.


You can gain even more confidence, calm in the challenges of daily life, higher awareness, and confident intuition while doing something exciting, interesting, amazingly colourful, progressive in spirit, always changing, never boring, totally freeing, and amazingly comprehensive in the knowledge!

This system gives you much more than any coaching training. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world!



Do you know what the best part is? The Intuyching®, chart system is like being handed the Manual of Life!


With this special chart-based system, you can not only identify and transform blocks, and negative feelings in your own life but also in another person. All this very simply and quickly, without having to run from consultants to consultants or coaches.




  • Is based on the latest scientific research;
  • Strengthens intuition;
  • Combines Western and Eastern knowledge;
  • Is a system of colourful charts (diagrams with circles, that have petals with words, and phrases in them) in which information is found by using intuition (pendulum or otherwise);
  • Its use is proven by quantum physics;
  • Helps to quickly and accurately identify (emotional) processes within us;
  • Balances the body's energy (chakras, meridians);
  • Is like a personal coaching session with your inner self.


Recent research confirms that if we know more accurately what we are feeling, we can deal with situations much better. The information calms the brain, so it no longer has to keep searching for answers to why anything is happening to us. This finally gives you (your client) the chance to focus on the solution.


Why will it be good for you to start using the unique Intuyching® app on an iPad?

... Because:


  • in one system you get more than 40 methods that would take years to learn;
  • it will help you (your client) to change the negative thoughts that are holding you back, simply and permanently, and help others;
  • you'll know the Seven Money Traps and the Seven Money Fears, so you'll see what you need to transform to have a better relationship with money;
  • you will simply be able to change negative habits and patterns "inherited" from your family (transgenerational issues);
  • you will affect the energy balance of the body (chakra and meridian system);
  • plus a whole lot more!


Using Intuyching®:


  • You can help others as well as yourself
  • Save a lot of time (about 20 years!), money (more than the price of a luxury car), and energy, because you get more than 40 methods in one system
  • You can create change efficiently and quickly
  • You can start a new career in just 3 months as an intuitive mentor, an intuytor.


Have you ever been asked the following in a consulting or coaching situation?:


  • Why is this happening to me?
  • How can I improve my relationship?
  • How can I get rid of my anger? / Tell me how to stop worrying!
  • Something is blocking me, but I don't know what!
  • What gifts do I have?
  • Am I in the right place (on my way)?
  • What is my purpose in life?


Almost everyone wonders if something "bad" happened, and why it happened. Similarly, everyone wants to know what their life purpose is or what job would be best for them.


With the system, you can get answers to all your questions and even answers to what you should do to make it better. All this without having to think about it, so you will get the information, not from your ego, but from your higher consciousness, your intuition, and your SuperConscious mind.


Read what people have to say about the Intuyching® (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™) programme!



How can I start using the Intuyching® chart-based system?


You can learn Intuyching®  in 3 parts


You can start with the Basic charts and then go on to the Advance and finally, the Professional charts, learning the whole chart system in 3 parts.

(The chart system contains more than 100 charts. (The charts are constantly being improved and new ones are added from time to time by Erika László, the creator of the Intuyching® system.)


The Basic Intuyching®  1-day workshop will introduce you to the 17 basic charts. The Advance and Professional (2-2 day programmes) cover the use of additional charts.


You can learn in an intensive Intuyching® programme over 5 days


If you want to progress quickly and use all the charts, we recommend the Intensive Intuyching® 5-day programme, which includes the use of the full chart system plus the chakra cards.

We also have a very competitive package price for this programme, which includes the one-year licence fee for the iPad "SCCW Charts" application and the chakra card application fee. (iPad not included!)

You will need an iPad because the chart set works on an iPad. iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPad Air are not recommended because the application does not work correctly on them.





The 11-hour programme includes 16 charts and is for those who want to simply transform their own daily issues and situations to end each day with positive energies and start the new day also with positive ones. Using the charts daily will help you to get rid of (transform) the negative energy that has accumulated during the day.






Learn how to use the advanced charts in a 21-hour workshop. You may want to use the advanced (and of course the professional) charts if you want to go deeper into your own energies for your own self-development. The advanced charts are only available if you are already using the basic charts on your iPad. The advanced charts are also available on the iPad.






Learn how to use the charts connected to our energy system and the chakra cards in a 21-hour workshop. With these charts, you can manage your chakras, and meridians on a daily basis and the app also includes the chakra cards. The professional charts are only available if you are already using the advanced charts on your iPad.

Professional charts are also available on the iPad.


You will need an iPad because the chart set works on an iPad and it is a must if you want to use and learn it.

iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPad Air are not recommended because the application does not work correctly on them.




On the intensive Intuyching® programme (53 hours), you will receive the complete chart system and the chakra cards application (on iPad). The intensive programme is for people who want to start using the whole system quickly and for professionals who want to be intuytors (intuitive, Intuyching® mentors).

(Our class hours are 45 minutes long.)


If you've read this far, you're probably very interested in this innovative, energetic coaching system and probably feel that it's for you!


Using Intuyching®:


  • You will be less overwhelmed
  • You will feel freer
  • You'll be able to work with "difficult" clients easier
  • New opportunities will open up for you
  • You will have fewer problematic relationships


The time is now to choose Intuyching® because you'll be able to help your clients with the ease and confidence they deserve, in an even more professional way that will feel like you're looking inside their heads!


How much is it worth if you don't have to invest years, energy, time, and lots of money?


You'd have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get all the knowledge we're passing on across the whole system. The creator of the system, Erika László, has spent the price of a luxury TESLA over many years to build up the knowledge from which she developed the Intuyching® chart system.


You get it all on a plate: you get the system, which combines over 40 methods to create rapid change, and you can learn how to use it in just 5 days!


Inutyching® also gives you the opportunity to become an intuytor/mentor and start a new career in just 3 months! Where else can you find a program that gives you such a quick return on your investment, at such an affordable price, with a unique iPad app that reflects your expertise and professionalism?


The entry price for using the iPad chart system (which comes with a bonus of a workshop) is very small compared to the years of knowledge you can gain in a few days, and the ability to use your existing knowledge in a structured system.

You will need an iPad because the chart set works on an iPad. iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPad Air are not recommended because the application does not work correctly on them. The application license fee has to be renewed every year.

For prices and upcoming dates, please check the menu for Upcoming Programmes or contact us!




Are we crazy to tell you not to come? No, we are not. However, we do know this system is NOT for everybody. 


Please be aware, that during the course many of your beliefs will be challenged. You will learn new things you have never heard of. 


So please, DO NOT COME, IF YOU 

  • do not want to change
  • are not on a high consciousness level
  • are not open to new things
  • are not (spiritually) openminded 
  • cannot or do not want to commit to Intuyching®
  • wish to wait for miracles to happen


If you are happy, have a fantastic relationship with everyone, are in good health, doing what you love with financial freedom then this class maybe is not for you!

(However, you would be able to help others, and wouldn’t that be nice?)


If you still read this, then you are surely looking for something new...


In your life and want to make life better for others! Time has come to change, and you are lucky because you are here and by learning this system you will be able to navigate your clients with deserved certainty!


Register now for a class or to our newsletter to receive secret information, discounts, course details, and more shared only with our Subscribers!


Next Classes

Class fees may vary depending on the package, location, and language. 


Register now! We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our classes!


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