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Baranyai, Agnes



About me

Junior means that the person has attended a class in the SCCWORLD system, but not entitled to use SuperConscious Self-Coaching (or any other trademarked material) for paid client coaching sessions because is not Licensed to it.

Please look for Mentors, Executive Mentors or Instructors to have a personal coaching.



Welcome to my page! I'm glad you clicked on me.

Let me tell you about myself and about why I love and recommend SCC. For many many years, I was looking for something. Something that can put all (or at least most) things what I believe in and what I know about the World, into one tool. I found SCC is a tool like this. Helps us to talk to transform energy blocks and understand ourselves and other around us.

You can say the method does miracles, but what I believe in is that you are the one who makes miracles and SCC is a tool what can help you achieve them.

Get in touch and book an appointment! Let me show you what you are capable of.

Udvozollek az oldalamon kedves latogato! Orulok, hogy ram kattintottal.

Had mondjam el neked, miert tudom tiszta szivvel ajanlani az SCC modszeret arra, hogy segitsen szebbe, jobba, konnyebbe tenni az eleted es a mindennapjaid.

Mar regen keresgeltem egy olyan eszkoz utan ami otvozi mindazt amit en tudok es hiszek a vilagrol. Az SSC egy ilyen modszer. Sallangoktol mentes es szinte azonnali valtozast hoz az eletedbe. Tudom tudom, ez az azonnal, gyorsan mind szepen es jol hangzik, es altalaban a gyors modszerek nem valnak be, vagy nagyon eroszakosak. Ez a modszer nem ilyen. Segit feloldani a blokkokat es harmonizalni az energiakat. Nem a modszer csinalja a csodat, hanem te magad. A modszer csupan az utat mutatja es a lehetoseget teremti meg benned.

Keress bizalommal!

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