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We all believe that everything is created from Spirit, and we are all souls, borrowed the body as clothes to feel this five feelings, emotions, when clothes depreciated, broken, the soul will return to the perfect place for reincarnation, our souls review what lesson we didn't learn the key meaning, and then decide how to relearn in next reincarnation! Each of us is the soul, we have experienced many past lives to the present, to meet the joys and sorrows, resentment, by positive and discordant energy driven, these energy will always be traction our emotions affect our daily life! Because soul packed these accumulated energy on the back to experience present life, it will cause repeat some life pattern from past lives! For example, there is a very poor relationship between the daughter and the father, but the relationship between the daughter and the mother are very well. In fact the parents are same attitude to get along with her daughter, when I researched their past life relationships by SRT, the daughter and father were the enemy, they hate each other, but the daughter and mother were good friends, these positive and discordant energy brought down to present life, result contradictory in the family relationship! Through the SCC to transmute discordant energy, will ease their emotions, re-establish a good relationship! It also can apply to career, money, disease etc. When we expend our conscious we will return to our inner self, and find more possibilities to express our true self in life!

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