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Sandu Duca, Nicoleta Carmen

Executive Mentor, Member


About me

As an empathic Soul coach, I guide people to reconnect with the abundance of their being and souls, through the power of unconditional love. 
Through our natural connection and experience I perceive how people function and how they create their life. 
When we understand how we function, we understand why we have the same situations or relationships over and over again. 

By reconnecting with our Souls, we become whole.
In that state of wholeness, we have a sense of healing and we can implement new ways of functioning that will bring us what we truly desire.  

On my path of learning unconditional love, I learned more about our energetic nature and I learned that we are all One and always connected. 
As energetic beings, we are infinite and non-local, multidimensional through time and space. As multidimensional beings, we
re able to understand our past, to live our best future and to empower the present NOW with unconditional love and light.  

While walking on my path, I struggled with fears, divorce, financial loss, I shed patterns and limiting beliefs. I rediscovered myself as an energetic being and I recreate myself daily as the human expression of my Soul. I found my way on the empowering path of unconditional love.
The principle of pleasure-pain states that whilst seeking pleasure people will also seek to avoid pain. Expanding this principle, our mind takes us constantly towards what we perceive as good for us, and away from what is perceived as being bad for us. When I learned about this principle, I understood that even while I made some poor choices in my life, I did what I thought was best to progress towards the best outcome at that time. This understanding offers us a sense of self-trust, no matter what our current status is.

I guide my customers to increase their self-confidence and their power of decision.
I offer exercises and techniques for maintaining an open heart and an open connection with their souls. With these tools and abilities, people gain the inner strength and support to follow their dreams and to make them real and true 

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