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Who is talking in your head?

Erika László · General News · 2016. May 22.

How to Easily Differentiate your Intuition (SuperConscious aspect) “Talking” from Your Ego Aspect?

Who is talking in your head?

Something is for sure, there is “somebody” continuously talking in our head. It is paramount to choose consciously that aspect of our consciousness that helps us to create a better day, a higher self-esteem, better relationships etc. in other word a happy life.

Every one of us have three very different “talk-machines” in our head. They use different language, communication style and voice and of course they are vibrating on a different level.

It is quite easy to differentiate them if you consciously notice what is going on in your thinking.


The three different Talk-Machines


The Inner Advisor

It gives you good advices most of the time in the form of questions, tries to give you a different perspective and never judges. It is related to your SuperConscious part (intuiton) and it vibrates on love.

When this part talks you can be sure you are connected to the love-channel.


The Inner Narrator

It narrates everything about the present and close to dos of the future. It is related to the Conscious part, it is neutral and doesn’t judge (except when the Inner Judge interrupts this part).


The Inner Judge

It judges everything and everybody including you and makes judgments continuously as if we were at the court. It is based on past programming and fear-based energies and emotions (ethics, values and the related limiting beliefs). This is the so-called ego part of us and it is related to the Subconscious part. It is fear-based, limiting therefore it vibrates on fear and connects to the fear-channel.


But how to differ them from each other in daily life (and when you use the SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ charts)?

Just listen what and how they talk to you.

Each of them has their own specific way of talking.


How does your Inner Advisor talk?


Your Inner Advisor (your SuperConscious aspect) talks always in a gentle way, never hurts or judges you or anybody and it wants to do good to everyone. When you hear and use this aspect it feels good and comforting. It asks questions, has recommendations and comforts you when you are worried.


You can hear things from this aspect like:


  • Why couldn’t I go there?
  • It is ok if I try.
  • It is safe I won’t lose anything.
  • Should I park the car there?
  • I can do it.
  • Why am I so lucky? (Instead of when the ego talks, “Why am I so miserable?”)
  • Why not..., I can do it!


How does your Inner Narrator talk?


It talks continuously in your head about what to do next, narrates everything you see and watch.


You can hear things from this aspect like:


  • Oh what a color!
  • It is a lot of traffic.
  • The sun is nice today.
  • Today is the deadline for the project.
  • I have to go to the bank.
  • Let’s not forget about buying sugar.
  • I have to pick up the kids.


How does your Inner Judge/Ego talk?


This part of yours talks about you and others in a judgmental way, regrets the past and worries about the future. This wastes a lot of energy and keeps you on a low vibrational, fear-based level therefore you can easily feel tired if your Ego talks a lot in your head.


You can hear things from this aspect like:


  • People, situations are terrible
  • Life is hard
  • I cannot do this
  • How miserable I am
  • This is not fair
  • I should have made a different decision
  • I will lose my partner/job/house/money etc.


So now you get it, it is quite easy. When you hear your Ego you immediately won’t feel good anymore. When your Inner Advisor (SuperConscious) talks it feels light, joyful and exciting. When your Ego talks it feels heavy, sad and full of danger, fear and anger.


Just listen to your inner talks very consciously and very soon you will be able to differ them easily and then always choose to switch to the love-channel.


With much love,





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