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superconscious coaching

SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ (SSC) is the first integrated and intuitive coaching system in the world designed for the challenges of the 21st-century with over 80 charts and is launched under the umbrella of SzuperC Limited™ and was created by Erika Laszlo.

superconscious coaching

SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ is a system to help you reach your goals and get rid of fear-based limitations.

It is loved-based, concentrates on the present and focuses on changing and transforming controlling and limiting belief systems as well as feelings and fear-based energies.

SSC is based on the scientific belief...

that there is no time and space in the Universe (no linear time) that everything happens at the "same" time in the quantum field. So whenever something is changed in the present, the energy is changed both "backwards into the past and also forwards into the future".

Therefore, instead of focusing on what has gone before, the system looks at what is going on in the present moment to find the blocks and the solution.

The system is soft and gentle...

and, using a biofeedback mechanism (works with a pendulum, eye or finger), allows an easy way to receive information about blocking beliefs and energies and to have them transformed.

All areas can be addressed with SSC, including:

  • relationships (family issues, partnership, loneliness etc.)
  • self-realization/life path (finding joy and purpose in life)
  • self-esteem (self-confidence, being able to stand up for yourself)
  • money (financial issues, limiting belief system around money)
  • career (what is your goal)
  • and as a consequence of the transformed fear-based feelings and limiting beliefs your stress level can dicrease therefore your immune system can work better

Blocks are transformed into love-based energies that aid, assist and help you to become happier in your life, to raise your awareness and consciousness level and to solve your challenges with ease.

SSC can help you understand why something has happened/is happening in your life and receive information what to change in order to create an easier and better life for yourself.

With SSC you can gain more knowledge and understanding about:

  • yourself
  • your important relationships (family, spouse, children, friends)
  • your past (family tree)
  • your present (ongoing issues and repeating patterns)
  • other questions you have about your life

Once you have an awareness of your issues, you are already starting to transform. You can only change something if you know about it. If you don’t know or don’t realize what is going on, then you can’t change anything.

SSC will help you achieve to raise your awareness easily and quickly and will assist you to effect transformation in your life.

Do not hesitate and look for the SuperConscious Mentors among our members and book a session.


We are looking forward to "meeting" you!

The SuperConscious Team



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