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membership star system

♥︎ Star system ♥︎ It indicates how many classes a SuperConscious member has taken and in which modality

membership star system


Number and colour of stars indicate how many classes and in which modality the person has taken a class.


Three stars in the same colour


3 stars in the same colour (see the key to colours below) will indicate that the person has taken the certain class at least 3 times and has a great determination to personal development and sometimes an SCC Instructor. However, not everyone has the aptitude or skill to teach, so check the status of the person on the page of our mentors and members.


You can find all our Licensed SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ Instructors on the site of the Instructors.


Only Licensed Instructors listed on our official website (site of the Instructors) are entitled to teach SuperConscious Self-Coaching™.


SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ is trademarked therefore using it or teaching (or giving public lectures) is strictly forbidden without a signed License Agreement with SzuperC Limited.


Key to colours

     - Conscious Communication™

    - Conscious Money Creation™

    - SuperConscious Self-Coaching™


- 1- 5 stars on the "next classes" page

Instructors have 1-5 yellow stars depending on how many students they have been taught. (5 meaning the most students)


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